Hair Styles

Types of Hair Extension

Currently, there are several types of hair extension that are being advertised. Below are some of the popular ones:

  • Invisible hair extensions/Skin weft hair extensions  
  • Hot fusion
  • Cold fusion
  • Flat fusion
  • Brazilian knots
  • Hairlocs
  • Microchet
  • Pinch braids
  • Shrinkies
  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Sew in hair extensions
  • Tape in hair extensions
  • Ultrasound
  • Laser beam/compressed air
  • Bellargo/shrinkies
  • Hairstick
  • Hairhair weft
  • Microring
  • Heat fusion hair extensions
  • Cold fusion hair extensions
  • Microbead hair extensions
  • Bonding
  • Tracking
  • Netting
  • Tree braiding
  • Lace extensions
  • Micro braiding
  • Heat-free protein bonds
  • Microtubes
  • Shrink tubes
  • Swing wefts
Invisible Hair Extensions
Invisible hair extensions are also known as skin wefts. Skin wefts are invisible hair extension skin, an imitation of the skin with hair growing out out it. This kind is carefully designed so that it matches your scalp color perfectly. Because it blends in with your own scalp, it's invisible in your hair.
Skin wefts are applied with a bonding material directly to the scalp. According to the Pros, these extensions last anywhere from 5-8 weeks before they must be re-applied for secure wear.

Keratin Hair Extension
The keratin hair extension has become more and more popular now. In fact, there are currently two methods for this type of hair extension.

1.Hot fusion 
2.Cold fusion

Hot Fusion
A strand method attached at the keratin based tips with a heating element. Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions and tip hair extensions. They are applied to your natural hair in small ‘bundles’ with a heated keratin adhesive. This method is believed to be much gentler on hair than regular glue.

Hot fusion hair extensions may last anywhere from 2-4 months and take approximately 2 hours to install, according to the experts. With hot fusion hair extensions however, you can be very creative with your hairstyles. You can do a variety of hair styles including updo and styling your hair down.

Cold Fusion
Cold fusion is also known as micro link, micro loop hair extension. This in fact, is another strand method that is applied by simply weaving small sections of hair through a micro link tube. With this method, weaving tools and pliers are used to weave the small sections of hair.

According to the experts, cold fusion hair extensions were created to be a gentle alternative than keratin hot fusion hair extensions. Heat is not required to apply the hair extensions to your hair. In other words, this is a not a heat hair extensions method that bonds hair via a ultra sound applicator. This is just a more updated extensions method designed to be a lot gentler on your natural hair than hot fusion.

Flat Fusion
This is a newer form of fusion strand by strand hair extension technique.

Brazilian Knots
Brazilian Knots hair extension is a strand-by-strand hair extensions technique.The extensions are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique.

Hairlocs is a strand by strand hair extensions technique. This type of hair style creates a similar look to fusion hair extensions, without the use of heat and glue. With this method, the hair is first divided into small sections, and the strands are applied piece after piece. The hairlocs ring is then looped around the strands. Finally, an I tip hair extensions piece is inserted into the loop. The loop is then clamped shut to secure the hair.

Hairlocs extensions are very similar to the micro cylinder attachment method. The only difference is  that the tubes used in hairlocs technique are a bit larger than those that are used in micro cylinder hair extensions.

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