Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shoes for Women with Large Feet - 10 Recommended Online Stores

Lately, due to time constraint, I find myself purchasing most of my shoes online. I think  maybe a few of my female friends and even relatives in particular are fascinated with some of the shoes I have been choosing, since they always want to know where I purchase them from.

Usually, when I tell them that I buy them online and suggest that they too should try shopping online for shoes, they often let me know that they would if they were a male (just like me) or if they had smaller feet.  They also frequently share that men are more fortunate to be able to find so many different designs of shoes that come in large sizes. Contrarily, seldom do the women’s designs  they really love come in large sizes. As a result, they have to devote the time to find offline shoes stores not only with the hope of  finding these designs that are usually sold out very quickly--if or when they are available -- but also to physically try on these shoes to make sure they fit are the right fit.

In an effort to help these females find designer's shoes online to fit their large feet, I decided to do my own  research online just to see if I could find a few stores that carter for women with large feet. Fortunately, I was able to find this 2013 article published by the Huffington Post in which they have put together a list of sites that allegedly carry shoes for women with big feet. The following is a list of all the shoes store that they came up with:

1.Stuart Weitzman
According to this article, the shoes sold by this site can get very expensive, however, they are very comfortable and well-designed. This site also carries shoes up to a size 12 and they run in narrow, medium and wide widths.

This retailer is believed to be probably the best online site for extended sizes. They carry a variety of brands such as Loeffler Randall, Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell, and they go up to a size 14.


This online site is the best place to look for fashion-forward shoes options, based on this article. They carry really trendy shoes like d'Orsay flats and sneaker wedges up to a size 12.

It’s believed that because shoppers has so many options, when shopping for shoes on this site, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, everyone will be able to find something. In regard to shoe size, they go up to a size 20 in women's size, “which is almost unheard of.”

The shoes on this site are considered very expensive. However, if you're crazy about Gucci booties or Lanvin flats in a size 42, this is allededly one of the few places where you'll find them.

The shoes on this site are believed to be reasonably priced and they also go up to a size 12WW.

7.Long Tall Sally
From what I have learned, this entire site is dedicated exclusively to tall women. They not only carry a variety of brands of shoes that you love, but also those that are trusted and affordable, including Nine West and Sam Edelman -- up to a size 13.

Other Online Stores Some People Recommended
Some believe  this is the best place to find shoes that are very durable.

9.My Theresa 
This shoes retailer is considered (by some) best known for a wide selection of designer shoes.

10.Barefoot Tess 
This site is believed to be the best place to shop for a well edited variety of large sizes in women’s shoes.

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