Friday, December 5, 2014

Boots for Wide Calves or Athletic Calves

Ladies, have anyone of you ever happen to fall in love with a pair of boots, only to realize that they are either too tight or just not wide enough to get over your calves?

For those of you who usually have a rather hard time finding boots for your wide calves, extra wide calves or athletic calves (for individuals who run, ride bikes, dance, etc.), below is a list of online stores that you may want to consider, the next time you plan on shopping online for boots:


  • Duo Boots
  • Torrid
  • Simply Be
  • Nordstrom
  • Lane Bryant
  • Just Fab
  • Evans
  • Zulily
  • JCPenney
Prior to shopping for a pair of boots at any of these stores above, it's best to know the measurement of your calves. You should measure each calf separately, as it's not unusual for one calf to be slightly larger than the other. Measuring your calves before placing your order will reduce the likelihood of you having to return your boots.

Measuring Your Calf
How do you go about measuring your calf? This is very simple. All you are going to need is a tape measure to find the circumference of each calf at it's widest point in inches. If you find that one calf is larger than the other, you should simply use the measurement of the larger calf.

Calf Measurement Guide

Based on findings, here are the usual measurements in inches, for wide, extra wide, and super wide calf:
  • Wide Calf: 16 to 18 ¼” boot
  • Extra Wide Calf: 17 ½ to a 20” boot
  • Super Wide Calf: 18 to 21” boot
When you need to fit calves that range from 14-18 inches or wider, JCPenney for example are currently advertising that they carry a great selection in wide calf boots for women. However, if you need a comprehensive knowledge about boots and different calf sizes, you can visit They provide shoppers with detailed information on how to find correct calf boot size to fit you.  They also sell ladies boots for these 4 calf sizes:
  • Wide Calf Boots
  • Extra Wide Calf Boots
  • Super Wide Calf Boots
  • Super Plus Boots
I do hope you find this bit of information very helpful the next time you shop for boots.

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