Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles under or around the eyes is a major cosmetic concern. This is definitely one known facial problem most women wished they didn’t have to deal with on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, it takes away from a woman’s natural beauty, and in fact, can be a huge beauty spoiler.

The sad thing about this is that, some individuals who are currently experiencing this issue, have been spending an awful amount of time and even money on cosmetic products, in an effort to disguise or get rid of these dark circles, but are unable to do so. This is simply because there are numerous reasons for dark circles. Thus, knowing exactly what are the causes of your dark circles in particular, is very critical to treating or getting rid of them.

What Causes Dark Circles Around Eyes
Based on findings, evidence of the signs associated with skin aging often first appears in the periorbital area and includes wrinkles, eyelid bags, dark circles around the eye, or simply a "tired" look.

In regard to dark circles around the eyes, it‘s believed that a number of other complex factors, may be responsible for this, such as the visibility of the orbicularis oculi muscle through thin skin.

The two main possible causes however, are the accumulation of melanin in the skin around the eyes and the accumulation of heme resulting from blood leakage.

Treatment for Under-eye Dark Circles
In one study, Focus extract - cosmetic treatment  for under-eye dark circles, was found to promote the degradation of toxic heme to its protective catabolites and reduces the source of dark circles. In addition, Fucus extract showed good anti-inflammatory efficacy. It’s believed to be a novel product that brings a quadruple approach to the treatment of under-eye dark circle.

Remember, because there are many causes for dark under-eye circles, you may need to first consult a specialist to find out the specific cause of your particular type of dark circles, prior to attempting to treat them. Doing this will not only help you to find the right cosmetic products to treat them, but also the correct medical procedure that may be required to get rid of them., US National Library of Medicine

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