Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Women Fashion and Design and Body Shape

Is it because of my six sisters and my fashion crazed ex-girlfriends, why I have this keen pair of eyes when it comes to women's design? The truth is, this started a long time ago, while I was living in New York. Anyway, let's talk about this in another post! Today, the big question is, does a particular design really look good, or is it the shape of the woman that really makes the design look so appealing?

The other day while I was looking at some ladies' outfit -- on Bostonproper.com, Alloyapparrel.com, Venus, PicVpic, Pinterest, and also through a few other catalogs -- I caught myself favoring a few outfits over others simply because of how they were appearing on the women who were wearing them; so I stopped for a minute and asked myself the question "does this dress really look better than that other one, or is it just the physique of this woman that makes it look so appealing?" The truth is, first I usually look at the uniqueness of the design, the color of the fabric, and of course how well it goes with the complexion or fits the person who is wearing it.

I must admit that while some women make a dress or a particular style appear rather gorgeous, others make that same dress "look a mess."

I think that in most cases, it's not the style of the dress but rather the body that's draped in that dress. In other words two different women with different shapes may be draped in the same outfit, yet, sometimes it looks rather stunning on one and just mediocre or average on the other.

This is simply because all styles or cuts were not designed to fit all body type the same way. Here, I am not talking about size, I am specifically talking about body shape. For example, some women have apple shape, others have peer shape, some have a straight figure, big bust, small bust, flat butt, large butt, average butt, etc. However, if a woman takes all of the above into consideration before she chooses a dress, she can avoid looking unattractive in that dress.

Ladies, I agree that you might observe another female wearing a dress that you admire a lot, but before you think about getting that same dress for yourself, think about the design of the dress and how well will it go with your body shape.

When it comes to size, designers are all aware that every woman was not created the same -- size-wise. For this reason, when they design clothes, they take into consideration the various sizes of women. Some designers may specialize in clothing for the petite, while others make clothing for the larger size individuals. So, there is no reason a woman should try to squeeze herself into a much smaller size dress and ended up having trouble breathing, when she could have easily found a beautiful dress that fits her shape and size perfectly.

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