Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Look Elegant and Attractive

Ladies,when meeting someone for the first time,you can create either a negative or positive impression even before you speak. This is because people tend to judge you by your appearance even before they get to know you! Bear in mind that nonverbal communication is the primary and greatest source of impressions in direct, face-to-face interactions, and the way you dress is a major part of the nonverbal message you deliver to a new acquaintance. With this in mind, it's of paramount importance that you take these points I am about to share with you into consideration, in order to look elegant and attractive.

What attracts men for example, is elegance, so don't neglect your hair or hairstyle. Keep it fresh, clean and beautifully styled. Looks can be transformed dramatically by a skillful touch.

 Also, bear in mind that at the same time, a particular style that works for one individual, might not work for another. There are innumerable fashions and each lady should look in her own mirror(in other words, look at your own reflection and see what fits you best). For example, long features tend to go best with a plain central parting; A round faced woman should pile all her hair on top, leaving her ears exposed.

Other ladies look better wearing their hair down their shoulders. Some need to keep it loose and windswept. Having it pinned back, can make some ladies appear rather stunning. Of course,some may even brush it back in soft flowing waves and still appear gorgeous. One final word of advice for the hair, girls, remember creativity does stimulate your chances, so don't be afraid to try various styles. You can also use rinses to touch up those white streaks, this can produce a better-than-natural tint.

When you select what clothes to wear, take regional or geographical differences in dressing, and grooming standards into consideration. Geography is a factor that determines how people should dress. In other words, what may be suitable for a person in one country/city may be inappropriate for a lady going out on a date or to work in the US/another city.

 Also, remember, that not all colors go well on every girl -- dark grey for example, goes better with pale complexions, while a swarthy skin looks better in white. Puce(purplish-brown)stripes is said to offset a pallid complexion.

Another point to keep in mind, is that not everyone was created equally, some people unfortunately are fat, thin and differently shaped. However, not everyone will judge you based on your size, so just be confident and dress accordingly! If you have scrawny calves, don't wear your skirt above the ankle, wear long dresses or slacks/pant suits etc. If your collar-bones are protruding, mask them with shoulder pads. If you have flat bust, wear a good bra(preferably padded ones). Ladies with excessive fat in the stomach region should wear girdles and avoid clothes that are too tightly fitted around the mid-section.

Ladies, you should learn to walk in a feminine manner -- believe this or not, the way you walk can repel or attract men. This is one writer's critique on the subject of appropriate/inappropriate walking "One girl sways her hips artfully, catches the breeze with her flowing mantle,points her feet in short dainty steps; another - like some red-cheeked peasant housewife clumps and waddles along, with hearty strides; yet moderation is the best, ever so often: don't play the country bumpkin."
To summarize, it is not as difficult as some of you may think to look elegant and attractive, get dates or even find a mate. However, this depends largely on your general day-to-day appearance which also includes the way you walk. While for some men, all the above may not matter much, for most men, they are all very important. The bottom line is that, elegance is the key!

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