Friday, October 24, 2014

Hair Care Tips -- How To Be Creative With Your Hair Styles

Creative with Hair Styles Using Perms and Relaxers
According to experts, using a combination of perms and relaxers in the right order allegedly allows you to be more creative with your hair. They believe that no matter what kind of hair you have, as long as you can break disulfide bonds with one chemical, shape your hair and then reform the disulfide bonds with another chemical you can get any hair style you want.

Why Perms and Relaxer Don’t Last

It’s believed that perms and relaxers both eventually leave your hair, not because the disulfide bonds reform, but because your original hair simply grows in, replacing your straightened or curled hair with what you had originally.

Is too Much Styling Bad for Your Hair
Too much styling allegedly can be bad for your hair’s health, simply because these chemicals such as perms, relaxers, and other, have the tendency to damage your hair, to the point where your hair will eventually starts to thin and break.

Based on the above rationales, it appears that having a comprehensive knowledge of the chemistry of the human’s hair, is the key to the development of most hair products used in the cosmetology business. However, at the same token, the individuals or hair stylists using these chemicals also have to have a degree of knowledge of not only the best product(s) to use, but also in what proportion they should be used to yield the desired style requested, and to avoid hair damage.

Source: Cornell Center for material Research.

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