Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weight Loss Tips - Avoid Things That Do Not Work

Cellulite and Spot Reduction
When it comes to weight loss or fat reduction, Cellulite and Spot Reduction are mythical concepts. Cellulite is nothing but enlarged fat cells that bulge out from accumulated body fat. The widely held myth that exercise that target a particular body part will cause that area to lose fat quicker than the rest of the body is one that should have been long dispelled from our mind. This rather misleading theory is called spot reduction.

Sit-ups are commonly used exercises that people perform in an attempt to get rid of fat in the midsection of the body. Sit-ups can be great exercises for increasing the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles; however, they are not very effective for burning fat. Several sets of daily sit-ups will not allow individuals to decrease their waistline.

When fat comes off, it does so all over the entire body, not just the exercised area, but you will experience greater fat loss in areas of the body where you have larger deposits of fat. However, a few sets of sit-ups will not allow you to burn any significant amount of calories and therefore, will have practically no effect on total body fat. It will take much longer and regular sessions of aerobic exercises for one to really experience any significant amount of weight loss.

Rubberized Suits and Saunas
You cannot lose body fat simply by wearing a Rubberized sweat suit or from just spending a ½ hr or so in a sauna.  If you were to try these two weight loss methods, no doubt, you will notice a reduction in your weight initially when you get out of your suit, or step out of a sauna unto a scale.

However, the weight loss you will experience will be the direct result of the significant amount of water lost in sweat, and will have nothing to do with the burning of fat in muscle. This is really an example of a temporary or false loss of weight, achieved primarily through the loss of body fluid.  All that weight you thought you had lost will be quickly regained as soon as you replace body fluids.

Using a rubberized sweat suit to lose weight not only speeds up the rate of body fluid loss or vital electrolytes, such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and others during prolonged exercise, but it also raises core temperature at the same time. This combination puts a person in danger of dehydration, which can impair cellular function and in extreme cases can even cause death. The increase in core temperature that is caused by Sweat Suits and Saunas could  also be potentially harmful to fetuses during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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