Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hair Care Tips -- You Might Want To Know These

Hair Care Tips
Whenever I happen to come across any information regarding hair care tips or products, right away the ladies come to my mind -- not the men, especially baldies like me.

Gentlemen, let's face the truth -- like the fall breeze bringing down the leaves from the trees, so does a man's hair falls out with age.

While balding men are left with few options, such as toupees which in my opinion are so easily noticed, and hair restoration which is so costly to the average man, women have so many ways of offsetting hair defects.

 No doubt, unlike men, women have so many ways of masking hair damages, whether they result from hair neglect, unprofessional care or alopecia.

In this Post, I will be briefly discussing some of the many steps a woman can take to offset hair damages or hair loss. I will also share  bits of information on hair care advice/tips and choosing the right hair care products

The Best Hair Care - 2 Key Factors
In order for a woman to take the best care of her hair, this requires two important things:
1.The right hair care products 
2.The correct hair care
If for some reason she fails to give her hair the proper attention or has been receiving poor hair care, there is no doubt that she will experience some form of hair damage.

Some Solutions To Hair Defects
When it comes to concealing hair defects, a woman can go out and purchase an inexpensive wig to replace her own hair; unblushingly boutiques display them. Unlike men's toupees which are plain and simple, women's wigs are professionally done and cannot be easily distinguished from their natural hair. Most of these wigs are carefully designed and the styles also vary. Some women may even wear braids, or cornrows, others keep their hair loose, pile it all on top or pin it back, and so on.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment
Ladies you shouldn't be afraid to do a bit of experiment. Each lady however, carefully should look in her own mirror,just to see which hairstyle fits her the best. A woman shouldn't attempt to wear a hair style that she thinks greatly enhances another woman's beauty, without first trying it out on her own head, to see if it works the same magic for her. Remember, while a great hairstyle can spiced up your looks, or magically turned you into a swan, contrarily, a flawed hairstyle can transformed you into an ugly duckling!

Wigs - Another Choice 
Some ladies unfortunately, are left with absolutely no other choice than to wear wigs everyday, or permanently for the rest of their lives for one of the following reasons and others:

  • Due to alopecia  
  • Hair loss resulting from other illnesses
  • Hot perms damages
  • Scalp fungus 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • A reduction in human growth hormone as one aged 
  • Poor hair care 
  • Damage due Cornrows or braids

Why Chemotherapy Damages Hair
In the case of Chemotherapy, because cancer cells grows exponentially, or at a rather rapid rate, Chemotherapy agents are designed to target rapid growing cells. Unfortunately, hair cells happen to fall in that category of rapidly growing cells. However, once the Chemo treatment is over, with good hair care, your hair will gradually regrow to its previous length and thickness.

For others who have been experiencing a thinning of hair due to any of the above reasons, I strongly recommend that you see a medical professional and a license hair care specialist, because often times the solutions to most of your hair defects can be remedied through sound medical advice and proper hair care tips which may sometimes require a modification of your diet.

Advice on Hair Care Products
When it comes to hair care products, a professional or a certified hair care specialist can often recommend the products that are best suited for your hair. You should bear in mind however, that all individuals may not receive the same benefits from a particular product.

Be Careful of Advertisement
Not because you have seen an advertisement saying a particular hair product is good for hair growth, strength, thickness etc, or heard another person said it worked for them, means this same hair care product will work for you also. Sometimes what works for one particular type of hair or hair condition may not work for another -- something to bear in mind before you try another new hair product.

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